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Welcome to Photon Technology International in the UK

PTI has unrivalled technical and applications experience in measuring fluorescence and for over 25 years the company has been dedicated to manufacturing a range of instrumentation for highly accurate measurements in solutions, solids and even at cellular levels.

Our four major product groups, listed below, will guide you through the options available:-

QuantaMaster ™ - Steady state fluorescence spectrometers with high sensitivity

TimeMaster ™ - Luminescence, phosphorescence and time-resolved fluorescence decays

Easy Ratio Pro ™ - Fluorescence imaging utilizing the very latest camera technology

RatioMaster ™ - Ratio fluorescence photometry on inverted microscopes

However, for those applications that require a combination of fluorescence measuring techniques, PTI's open architecture design ensures that we can build a system that will meet you application requirements - exactly.

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